The Space in the Middle

Interactive Kinetic Light Installation, 2017 (Work in Progress)

KMA are creating a new work, commissioned by Light City, Baltimore, the first large-scale, international light festival in the United States. The Space in the Middle will premiere there on March 31st and run until April 8th 2017.

The Space in the Middle will create an impromptu stage on which a series of provocations are explored; Who is the audience? Who is the performer? Where is the artist? The title of the work defines that space as a new shared ground, waiting to be explored. 

When people gather, we often choose a nucleus to anchor that gathering. It may define our reason for gathering, or the nature of the relationship with our neighbours. It may remind us of the structure of our society, or point us towards a non-present entity. We may choose to fill the space with something as commonplace as a fire, or as imposing as a grand monument: what we choose to do with the space in the middle defines who we are, what we’re doing, where we’re going.