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Congregation's 2014 run in Pittsburgh was recognised in the Americans for the Arts 2015 Public Art Network Year in Review.

...the judges saw a large number of submissions that showed how new technologies are transforming collected data into an installation or experience. Sometimes, she acknowledged, this transformation seemed a bit arbitrary. Other times, however, it seemed rich and meaningful, as in the piece Congregation by Kit Monkman and Tom Wexler, commissioned by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership for Market Square.

Laurie Jo Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Public Arts, Social Justice and Culture at the School of Art and Art History at the University of Illinois at Chicago


FLOCK was a landmark piece in the development of live digital art. It has received extensive press and media coverage including; Features in The Times, The Guardian, Time Out, Live coverage of the launch on BBC Radio 4’s PM Programme, BBC TV Breakfast News, BBC TV London News, and interviews on BBC Rado London and Capital Radio.

“Flock was a large-scale installation that saw the audience become performer. The ability to respond, be impressed upon and impress back offered a whole new realm for ‘live’ artistic experience”

From How Soon is Now: 60 Years of the Institute of Contemporary Arts by Ekow Eshun and Pamela Jahn.

“Flock is an intelligent, process based work with experience of its subject at its very heart. This is a significant piece in the transition of technology based work becoming public art and understanding all the challenges this entails in the maturity of live-digital art”

Vivienne Gaskin, Director of Performing Arts and Digital Media at the ICA.

“Last night’s moonlit production of a “virtual” Swan Lake, in which the audience became the dancers to Tchaikovsky’s music, showed that Trafalgar Square has become one of the capital’s stages.The scope that it offers for innovative events such as this ballet adds something new to London life… the support from the Mayor and the archtect Lord Foster for the transformation has now been vindicated.”

London Evening Standard, Editorial.

“‘Flock’ is a daring and exciting dance project – a little audacious, perhaps, but presenting an interesting idea of artistic creation and participation. Those that step into the spotlights, even for just a moment, will indeed experience Tchaikovksy’s music unlike they will ever have before. It is a strange and unusual experience, and at times it can be as unsettling as it is exciting… the concept of ‘Flock’ is something that certainly deserves further exploration for the artistic future of dance.”

Ballet Magazine

“I reasoned that I would go and take a look but leave it to younger pedestrians – much less removed from their dancing days than I – to join in the fun. But within moments of arriving in Nelson’s back yard, I found myself drawn to the magic square of light like any other moth to the flame. I stayed for several iterations of the ten-minute cycle… There were generally at least 40 people on the “stage” at any time – with ages ranging from 8 to 80 – and all with a smile on their face as they tried to hold on to their ballerina’s fleeting presence in their own spotlight. There were even people cycling across the stage – not a common sight in Swan Lake… everyone had such fun.”


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