Interactive Kinetic Light Installation, 2010

Congregation (2010) is a an ambitious work that aims to push the possibilities of large scale interactive work into new emotional and narrative territory. Conceived as a development of the thematic work begun in Strange Attractors (2009), Congregation is almost double the length of KMA’s previous installations, and was the first of their works to include score written specifically for the work.

The central theme is the personal and collective need to believe, in this case triggered by the presence of a mysterious figure who forms the centrepiece of the work. The piece aims to illuminate the responses made by individuals and groups as they come to terms with the unfamiliar environment and the presence that appears to be a the centre of it all. Whilst the focus remains on and around the central figure, the connections and relationships that develop amongst and between the audience/performers is also illuminated.

The score was written by Peter Broderick, whose music KMA had already used for Strange Attractors. By working closely with the composer to create a new piece of work to form the soundtrack to Congregation, the narrative arc and emotional structure of the piece was developed in both the visual and sonic structure. Quite deliberately, the technical elements of the work were pared down to create a more considered and less frenetic pace than previous works, which was rewarded by a deeper engagement between audiences and the work.

Congregation was commissioned by SCAN, and was presented at the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai as part of the Shanghai World Expo, followed by performances in the UK, London, China, USA and Italy.

Performance History

2010  - Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2010  - Bournemouth Square, UK

2010  - Tate Britain, London, UK

2012  - Macau Arts Festival, China

2012  - Bury Light Night, UK

2014  - Market Square, Pittsburgh, USA

2015  - Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

2016  - Enschede, Netherlands